3D Invitation/GD2

3D Invitation

Rough Stage

I’m currently working on my color scheme with test prints. I’m using a thick cotton, pearl white paper to give an authentic, rugged visual and tactile experience. Type textures are used to give a complete faux-letterpress effect, giving this piece the turn-of-the-century feel I intended.

Version A

Two color approach, event themed logo included into event’s title setting

Version B

One color approach, with slightly less styling to event title



Create a three dimensional invitation for a fictional or non-fictional event. The objective of this assignment is to connect with the target audience in a unique and non-traditional way. Simple invitation cards within a package are not acceptable. This invite must push the boundaries of what an invitation can do.


The “Brooklyn Bakers Society Beast of the Yeast” is a fictional event that has been held every January for the last nine years. This event offers a unique experience to 40 food critics and bloggers from the Brooklyn area.

The objective of “Beast of the Yeast” is to find the best amateur baker in Brooklyn. Selected participants receive a package (the invite) that contains four ingredients, the invitation, and instructions for the competition. Competitor’s are provided with flour, sugar, salt, and yeast to ensure that they are actually baking something and not trying to enter a Jello mold into the competition. Competitors are allowed to add five additional ingredients of their choice, but none of the ingredients provided may be omitted. The directive is simple—bake it and bring it!

And of course, a Brooklyn bake-off isn’t complete without the Brooklyn attitude. Known for being tough and rugged, the people of Brooklyn cannot be expected to put on aprons and channel their inner Better Crocker. No, this event is a throwdown—a Brooklyn Bakers’ Beatdown.


Brooklynites – Foodies, food critics, and food bloggers


Turn-of-the-century inspired typography coupled with a reserved modern elegance, this invitation is ‘no frills’ but remains soft enough to feel approachable. The cupcake/brass knuckles icon incorporated within the event title says it all—sweet but tough. The black invite case is made to resemble a briefcase, implying a package from the underworld has landed on your doorstep. Thick cotton, pearl white paper, coupled with faux-letterpress type texturing, gives a rugged visual and tactile experience.


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