Objective: Create 4 infographics that cover the following: 1.) A complex process, 2.) A pro-tourism piece for Oklahoma, 3.) “25 years of…” 4.) An independent function/action within a sport.

Details of the process are below.

Sketchbook thumbnails



Artificial Heart

Objective: Create an infographic that visually explains a complex process. The object can be organic or mechanical, but it must function as a complex, interdependent system.

Solution: The Arbiocore Artificial Heart was selected for its biological (organic) and mechanical properties. This device not only aids the human body, but it works in a harmonious exchange of energy to sustain life.

In order to give this device the best stage to be visually featured, the Abiocore Heart is shown within a semi-transparent human body. This approach gives the viewer a sense of device proximity, scale, and supporting components’ placement.


The Perfect Jump Shot

Objective: Explain a process within a sport.

Solution: The Jump Shot—a staple move on the court. A multi-process maneuver that looks fluid in motion but takes years of practice to perfect (e.g. Michael Jordan).

A simple three-step approach demonstrates foot placement, body positioning, and hand mechanics of the jump shot. Vibrant colors against a dark background gives this infographic a vibrant, high contrast look.


Deer Hunting Oklahoma

Objective: Create a pro-tourism piece for the state of Oklahoma that uses geographical data and statistics.

Solution: Oklahoma has many great outdoor attractions, deer hunting being one of them. With easy access to ammunition and other hunting related necessities, Oklahoma is a great place to scurry up a tree and snipe a few whitetails.

Wooden background textures and rugged typography give this infographic a hunter-friendly appearance.


25 Years of GSX-R

Objective: Create an infographic that explains or celebrates “25 years of…” This infographic was open to persons, places, or processes.

Solution: A legendary icon in the sportbike world, Suzuki’s GSX-R line has set the bar for performance motorcycles for over a quarter century. Every year, Suzuki pushes the limits of weight, speed, and engine technology.

This infographic shows the progression of the bike’s design and shows the performance and technology advances throughout the years. The visual data displayed within this infographic—how fast and how powerful?—is what the average consumer factors when purchasing a motorcycle.

25 Years of Suzuki


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