GD2-Office Supplies/Roller Coaster

Package Design – GD2

Office Supplies/Bug Roller coaster

The initial brief instructed the class to create a roller coaster for a bug by using common office supplies. Working an element of storytelling into the concept, the group decided the roller coaster would be made for a grub worm who had dreams of flying. Our grub worm is envious of the caterpillar’s abilities to morph into butterflies, so it was fitting that our coaster be named Metamorphosis. Our roller coaster is a slingshot-type ride that makes grub’s dreams come true with skyward ascent.

The second portion of this assignment­—packaging the product to sell. Primary branding, secondary branding, identity design, and package design was needed to bring our concept to market.

“Metamorphosis” has been shortened to “Meta” for this project. The word meta is a common english prefix meaning “beyond,” which is fitting for a product that transforms ordinary office materials into a kits of fun and creativity.

Company Background
Meta Office is an office supply manufacturer that produces quality products while remaining environmentally friendly. Meta Office targets niche audiences whom appreciate quality materials and attention to detail.

Meta’s creative product line, Meta Morph, is a unique approach to common office supplies. Encouraging creative fun at the workplace, Meta Morph products allow for a bit of tomfoolery while remaining useful. While Meta Office supplies are generally geared toward professional corporate consumers who value fine materials, the Meta Morph line takes a different approach to the corporate world. Paying homage to the toys of the 1950’s, Meta Morph products are user-friendly and easy to assemble.

The featured product of the Meta Morph line is the Desktop Launcher. A slingshot device that assembles in 6 easy steps, the Desktop Launcher arms your cubicle with the necessary weaponry to take launch small projectiles from your cubicle. Wadded Post It Notes, scraps of office memos, the sky is the limit!

Corporate employees; young professionals

The Meta Morph line remains professional in its presentation while still inspiring users to be creative and have fun.

  • A modern interpretation of 1950’s toy products, the design conveys a sense of durability.
  • Simple build instructions; easy to make, easy to use.
  • A compact package design that doubles as a platform for the Desktop Launcher, everything about this line is built to have dual functionality for work and play.

Meta Office (Parent Identity)

  • Variations of blue are used for the primary identity. Blue can be found widely used by banking, technology, and communication industries. The color blue is commonly associated with ‘dependability’ and ‘trustworthiness.’

Meta Morph (Secondary Identity; Product Identity)
Retro-esque, 1950’s inspired color schemes;

  • Orange has been selected for its warm tone and complimentary qualities to Meta Office’s blue.
  • Vibrant and cheerful, Meta Morph’s orange color palette communicates playfulness while still remaining integrated with Meta Office’s color scheme.




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